Friday, 23 August 2013


There seems to be a current fashion to up-cycle rather than throw things away. I like the idea of using other peoples or my own unused items. With a little bit of sprucing up it's great to give something a new use and a new home.

We used to use this little box of drawers for bits and pieces but haven't used it for over seven years. It has sat unused in the loft. So I thought I would have ago at decopatch.

Firstly I sanded the box lightly, then gave it a coat of matt emulsion paint.

Once dry I applied small pieces of colourful tissue paper using PVA glue. Its very easy and quite therapeutic to do. Once totally dry I gave the whole thing a good coat of PVA glue and left this to dry. I intended to use the drawers to store my jewellery so lined each one with colourful felt. I am very pleased with the finished product.

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