Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Red, White and Black

I have been sent some fabrics to make a small quilt, The lovely thing about taking on commissions is that I work with fabrics I would not normally pick.  The selection I have is a range in red, white and black, with a tonal white as the contrast

I chose a design that would show off all the fabrics and I wanted a strong geometric design. 
Here are some of the blocks on the design wall, I added another row to this.

At first I was only going to add the red boarder, but decided the white was needed

From all the fabrics I cut strips the width of the fabric 2 ½ " wide. I then sewed each coloured strip to a strip of the white tonal fabric and pressed the seam to the dark fabric. I lay another unit on top, matching the sewn seam but alternating the coloured fabric and white, so coloured was on top of white and white on top of coloured. I then sewed along each seam making a tube. Using the Creative Grids 90* strip ruler I cut the strips into triangles. Once opened up these made stripy squares.

The red boarder and black binding were made of all the different fabrics I had used in the quilt. 

The backing is made from pieced left over fabric.

One of the hardest things was trying to photograph this quilt outside. I had two problems, one it was windy, the other, 3 very curious chickens.
This method is quick and easy. I have quilted in the ditch to emphasise the geometric pattern.

With the  helpful Mabel, Isabel and Daphne hens

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