Friday, 11 August 2017

Tumbler I Spy

With the addition of a new child in the family, an I Spy quilt had to be made. I used the Accuquilt Go 6½ tumbler die to create this. I cut several shapes at once especially for the small print fabrics - which I tend to buy more of now for this purpose, and also they are more economical when fusing cutting. 

The Accuquilt Go handled the bulk of up to 5 fabrics no problem. 

I just had to be careful here to make sure the fabric did not budge. I think if I had precut the fabrics to roughly the size I needed this would have been eliminated.

I need to get better at measuring my finished quilts before I give them away. This has to be 44" wide by  54" long. I think!

He loved it, so did Mum and Dad

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