Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cheery Reindeers.

The trouble with using a blog to catalogue all my work is the randomness of the postings. I suppose I should have been more methodical at the planning stage!

Anyway here is another favourite Christmas quilt, my Cheery reindeers!  Its approximately 60' x 60' and all in plaids.  It has a brushed cotton backing and is a wonderful cuddly quilt. The reindeers have been bondawebbed in place and then blanket stitched around the raw edges by machine. The thread used was YLI Soft Touch.

 Had to have a reindeer with a red nose!

 Whilst making it, I lost one of this ones eyes, so I hand embroidered a cheeky wink. Once finished I found the missing eye!

Approximate date of completion 2005


  1. I love your choice of plaids and the cheeky reindeers. Lovely quilt.

  2. Thank you. I loved making it and always love getting it out each year.