Monday, 7 May 2012

Trains, planes and Bicycles

Having made an appliqué dinosaur quilt for son no 1. I had no choice but to make a quilt for the second son. Again I started with a pattern, but only made one block from it (- the bottom right hand corner construction block). All the other blocks were hand drawn by H. 

Some of blocks tell our own transport story, mainly of transporting the boys. We started towing them in a Burley trailer pulled by Snowy - now my pink bicycle

We then progressed onto a triplet with me as the captain. Great fun!

Some blocks just make the most of my more extensive stash. The bus is driven by yours truly and both the boys resemble kids looking out the bus windows.

This has Gromit flying the spaceship.

Others just made fantastic use of novelty fabrics

Again loved dearly and used daily, however this is starting to show some signs of wear, mainly due to the loose woven fabric I have used.

The label was more advanced as it was easier to get fabric that could be put through lazerjet printers

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