Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fun Cushions

Both my children  have large cushions they use on a daily basis, mostly for propping themselves up to watch tv or play kill'em quick games!

The first ones I made used Cat in the Hat fabric.  This is probably around 2005/2006, when the fabric in the UK was very hard to come by, and I stumbled upon a scrap pack at your local fabric warehouse.

 I added red and black and then wrote in chalk on the back Cat in the Hat. This was then quilted using thick white thread, and looked very effective.

Once No 1 son's cushion had been totally worn out I made another (any excuse), and I wanted to practice some curved piecing.  This was a little trickier than when I pieced the apple core quilt. I used 5 fabrics and stacked them on top of each other, all facing upward. Then I free hand rotary cut wobbly lines. Taking one strip from each fabric I pieced these together and then joined four blocks to make the front centre block. Borders were then added

The top was free motion quilted, but I did add a lizard outline. This was achieved by drawing a lizard onto freezer paper, cutting it out,  and gently pressing this into position on the finished back of the front of the cushion. I then carefully sewed around the lizard producing a wonderful effect using YLI Candlelight thread in the bobbin.

To compliment this I appliquéd a lizard on to the back of the cushion. 

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