Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dress No.3

I saw a dress, well actually it was a spinning piny on someone last year and really liked it. I was with my friend M, and pointed the outfit out. Soon after I was at her house with a picture of the dress (left) and we set to making the pattern.   We spent a good morning drafting the pattern, and making a sample in calico.

It took me sometime before I eventually got round to making the dress, even though I had the fabric and lining.

This dress is so easy to make. I lined it in a contrasting coloured lining and 'bagged' it to enclose all the seams. This did make doing the hem a little tricky, but I went back to M's house and she helped. She also gave me a really good tip for doing hems. Stand in front a book shelve or something that has a horizontal straight line that you can use it as a guide.

The dress used 2 metres of fabric. My only criticism of it is that I cut the fabric too short making it more of a top than dress. I think it will look ok with leggings or jeans in the summer.

PS, Its impossible to do anything in my garden without a chicken getting in on the act!

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