Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Phonics Bag

This is was a quick tote bag that I had to make when I saw this fabric. I made it for a friend at school who was leaving. We started teaching phonics for the first time in September and shared ideas, tips and resources. She left in March to complete her teacher training. I have used ½ metre a metre of the alphabet fabric.
 I cut the alphabet fabric in a strip 13½ by 36" and layered it up with the wadding.

 It was free motion quilted. The base was cut out of an old pair of jeans as this is dark and tough. This was layered up with denim, wadding, pelmet vilene, (occasionally I will use another layer of wadding.) It was quilted in a grid to add stability, and I like it!

The base was attached to the quilted bag outer and then the lining was made to the same measurements.

The handles were made from lengths of denim fabric (legs of the jeans) 5 inch wide. This was folded in half and lightly pressed just for positioning. A seam was made by turning the raw edge to the centre crease and pressing firmly. A long strip of wadding was placed down the centre along with a length of heavy duty cloth tape.  This next bit can be tricky and you really need 3 hands. Fold the raw edge to the middle and bring the seam edge on top to enclose the wadding and tape. Press very firmly, and pin.  Take this to the sewing machine and sew to secure all layers

 Attach the handles and secure with a box and diagonal, count the stitches up and across - this helps to keep it square. 

Lastly insert the lining - with pockets if you like, turn through an open bottom seam and press the top edge, top stitch and close the open seam. Ta daah

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