Friday, 1 June 2012

Sewing Roll

Before actually making the sewing roll I played with the sew and burn technique to create a new fabric. Starting with an all wool felt I layered tiny pieces of fabric - using anything and everything I had. This was covered with a voile and then free machined to secure everything in place.

A soldering iron with a thin tip was used to burn through the voile exposing the fabric beneath. Some of the underneath fabrics burnt as well which added to the design. This formed the outside of the roll.

The pattern for this roll came from Mandy Shaw of Dandelion Designs. It was quite challenging to make and if I made another I would adapt the pattern in a few places. One thing I would change for example is the top of the inside flap which I would cover with the the rolls binding.

I love the button which is made from lots of small buttons. This idea I will use in other pieces.

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