Thursday, 17 May 2012

Floating circles

Wow! I had always wanted to learn how to piece irregular shapes. After attending Pat Deacons workshop I am now fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to do so. Pat was a wonderful tutor and her designs are inspiring. the technique used was an adaptation of one I already knew so it was good to develop and build on existing skills.

The design was hand drawn and then transferred onto freezer paper and positioning marks made on the entire design. It was then cut up and ironed onto fabric.  Using a light box to position the prepared pieces accurate piecing was achieved. The pieces were then joined using very small stitches.


The finished design was hand and machine quilted. I used different threads and techniques to quilt the piece - varying the texture and look.

 Here you can see how the two fabrics have been joined within the circle.

Have a feeling this will be the first of many such quilts

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