Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cracked Tiles

This is a variation on stack and whack. Starting with large squares of fabric, all piled face up and working in multiples of 9. A piece of heavy duty brown paper was used as the template. The paper was the same size as the starting fabric square. Once folded the paper template was laid on top of the stack of fabrics and using a sharp rotary cutter and ruler a cut was made through all the fabrics. One of the top pieces of fabric was placed at the bottom of the pile making the the two pieces that form the original size square different.

Using a grouting fabric of 1'' wide the two pieces of fabric were joined to form, and the process of re folding the paper template,  cutting the stack of fabrics, moving one to the bottom of the stack and rejoining was repeated.

It was surprising how much of the grouting fabric was needed.

 The blocks were joined using the same grouting, and all the scarps were joined to make a border.  It was quilted around each tile piece in the ditch using YLI verigated quilting thread (top and bottom) 


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